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Life Members Day - February 2020


The WWBC had a fantastic turn out yesterday at Greenwich Reserve with many of our Life Members and their families in attendance. Our life members are not only our history, they are also our present and our future. Special mention to Les Flower for ensuring our field is one of the best in the league and the only club that has a Junior field with a pitchers mound; Ray Baker for getting our new Batting Cage building project underway (breaking dirt is imminent), John Humphries for his recent and very successful and fun Horse Racing Fundraiser, Jennie Moloney our guru scorer for taking best practice to the world stage, and Laurie Treadwell for his contributions and custodianship of our club’s recorded history, soon to be made available on our new website due in just a few weeks. Also a great time to give much gratitude to the Murray family and our long serving Secretary Stewart Cassell - for everything he does including scoring for the 1’s. (Apologies no class photo!) We also had two very important guests being our sponsors Lee Gill (in his 2nd year of support) from GPlumb and Mark Agar from BMS Steel, and their families. We hope they had a great day - they did get the dual first pitch honours and were both presented with framed jerseys.

Not a lot to celebrate on the scoreboard yesterday with a clean whatever the opposite of sweep is versus a full strength Malvern Braves but a stellar season all the same: 1’s currently sitting 2nd with 2 games to go. 2’s Finals berth, finishing 2nd 3’s Finals berth, finishing 3rd 4’s Finals berth, finishing 1st Times and locations for finals tba - hope you can all return to support our wolves in their finals campaigns! ⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️

Many thanks to Daniel and Mark Chircop and a bevy of others for putting our Life Members Day together.

Photos courtesy of Alex McCulloch